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Dutch Heritage

Dutch Heritage fabric designed by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman are reproduction prints inspired by traditional floral designs found in 17th & 18th century Dutch chintz.

  • Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden from Dutch Heritage Bursting with detailed florals and leafy tendrils, set against soft, pastel backgrounds. Collection Due: Aug/Sept 2024
  • Dutch Chintz

    Dutch Chintz

    Dutch Chintz from Dutch Heritage Celebrating a rich tradition with luxurious Dutch chintz florals. China Blue Due: Aug/Sept 2024
  • Sarahs Find

    Sarahs Find

    Sarahs Find from Dutch Heritage A delightful mini-collection that exudes the timelessness of 18th Century Dutch Reproduction prints with an antique floral touch. Featuring lush florals arranged in intricate bouquets, showcased against a serene cream and tranquil blue backgrounds. Collection Due: Aug/Sept 2024
  • Stonleigh by Susan Smith

    Stonleigh by Susan Smith

    “Stonleigh” is a collection I was thrilled to design for Dutch Heritage Fabrics. I wanted the fabrics to work back with the existing Dutch Heritage fabrics but also to introduce new colours and styles to the range. My inspirations were the small prints seen in 1800’s quilts, the type of prints I look to work with, and use over and…
  • French Vintage

    French Vintage

    by Brigitte Giblin Quilting Cotton